It's fair to say that the current obsession with social media has altered our way of living. Long commutes turned into work from home, and books transformed into ebooks. Another thing that came under the influence of the internet is our eating habits. From fancy-schmancy restaurants to clean “healthy” concoctions, social media has dramatically made our relationship with food unhealthy.

Losing weight and achieving that lean, perfect body is a good thing to dream of. But the schemes people put to work to make that happen create problems like the unhealthy obsession with Keto, Paleo, and intermittent fasting. People are more focused on achieving an unrealistic body shape rather than strengthening their bones and muscles for older age.

Now is the best time to practice an intuitive mindset and know what your body needs to build a healthy relationship with food. Here are some fitness tips to rev up your metabolism and get fit without making your body go through torturous diets.

Does Healthy Eating Have Anything to Do With Diet?

Not at all!

Healthy eating has nothing to do with “not eating or dieting.” Healthy eating was coined to raise awareness about good and bad food. People often consider intermittent fasting or swearing off food as a way to lose weight. That is extremely harmful. The best way to diet is first to analyze why you are gaining weight and make lifestyle changes accordingly.

Human bodies have different reasons for gaining weight; sometimes, it is a nutrient deficiency, and other times, it is a high intake of calories or dairy products.

Healthy eating is about eating appropriate portions of all nutrients and tracking your macros and micros. Instead of depriving your body of essential nutrients, add them to your diet in moderation. Contrary to souring your relationship with food, try improving your eating habits; here is how you can do that:

Don't Ignore Your Hunger Cues

Ignoring the hunger pangs at breakfast and lunch makes you incredibly hungry at night. It often leads to people overeating and binging on some snacks by midnight.

Staying hungry all day and eating something processed or without visible nutrient or mineral value does more harm than good. Thus, don't ignore your body when it asks for food; instead of eating junk, eat a healthy snack or salad to satisfy your appetite until you have time for a proper meal.

Control Your Cravings

Cravings are the first mood busters when it comes to healthy eating.

The urge to eat something delicious often leads us to overeat. Craving is often a cue of underlying deficiencies like iron deficiency, Vitamin C or D deficit, etc. For example, if a person craves sugar or processed food, there is a chance that their blood glucose levels are low. Stress, hormonal imbalance, and medications also come into play when discussing cravings.

The first step to control it is finding the underlying cause of the problem and then countering it by eating foods that can help cover the deficiency.

There Is Food at Home

You must have heard these words at least once from your mom.

It's true. Instead of munching on junk with empty calories and humongous portions, you can cook something more nutritious at home. Cooking for yourself helps you build a healthy relationship with food. Balancing the fat, proteins, and carbs is much easier in home-cooked food than eating out.

Enjoy Your Food!

The best way to build a healthy relationship with food is by enjoying it. Instead of gaining or losing weight, focus on improving your health. Hekla Sports Co. is helping people build a healthy relationship with food with their health supplements and fitness gear.